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The SAVONÉ brand was born out of love for natural body care, passion for beautiful fragrances and the need to provide moments of magical luxury


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Savoné is a family business and a women’s business. It was founded by two sisters Joanna and Paulina, whose passion is composing fragrances. Paulina lived in Italy and Joanna in France, where we learned the secrets of perfumery and the creation of natural body cosmetics.


Savoné is a combination of our shared passion for fragrances and cosmetics. We wanted to create luxurious and natural body products that would make everyday care a pleasure and make the fragrance a new jewelery.


Our cosmetics are an excellent proposition for demanding women and men who appreciate the combination of French perfumery art with what nature has to offer.



Różany balsam do ciała


French savoir-faire

Our fragrances are the essence of French savoir-faire perfumery. All Savoné fragrance creations have been created in collaboration with French perfumers in their atelier in France. Each one is composed and blended by hand in order to use the best ingredients from around the world to create a unique and long-lasting fragrance. Savoné fragrances are unique. They consist of floral bouquets, fruity aromas and woody accords. Over time, further fragrance notes emerge: head, heart and base. The combinations become harmonised to create intriguing contrasts.

Różany balsam do ciała
Luksusowa pielęgnacja


Luxurious care

Savoné combines the art of natural cosmetic formulation with unique French fragrances, creating carefully selected ingredients enclosed in velvety textures. Our production is outstanding in terms of the highest care for the recipes and selection of the best quality ingredients.


Out of concern for our customers, all Savoné products have been tested by dermatologists. Additionally, although it is legally allowed, our products do not contain parabens, SLS/SLES, artificial silicones, mineral oils, PEG/PPG, paraffin or other petroleum derivatives.


Savoné cosmetics are suitable for both women and men.


Richness of regions

During the creation of particular fragrance collections, we were inspired by the historical and cultural heritage of various regions of the world. What’s more, in each product we combined ingredients from plants, including flowers and fruit, typical for a given geographical area.


The result is four fragrance collections: Rose de Grasse, Citron de Sicile, Jasmin des Indes and Fleurs d’Orient. Their uniqueness lies in the unique composition of ingredients of natural origin and the multi-dimension scents.


Selected ingredients

Inspired by nature, Savoné formulas are based on the most valuable natural ingredients with specific purpose in mind, including extracts of jasmine, Asian mustard, saffron and Indian lotus, which regenerate skin fibres, and precious oils such as cacay, hemp, baobab and babassu which have strong moisturising and nourishing properties.


In addition, our lotions contain other very desirable active ingredients such as inulin, betaine niacinamide, squalane, karité butter, vitamin E or alpha-glucan oligosaccharides. Each of them has a specific task the aim of which is to provide the skin with optimal care.



Respecting nature

Being concerned about our Planet, Savoné packages the products in transparent glass jars with aluminium caps, which can be recycled several times. We encourage our customers to reuse and give a second life to shipping cartons, eco-fillings and cosmetic packaging.

Furthermore, Savoné consciously does not use any animal ingredients in the production of their cosmetics. Although some zoonotic ingredients such as collagen, lanolin, bee nectar or honey, for example, are approved by international certification organisations for natural and organic cosmetics, Savoné is against animal exploitation and, therefore, we have decided that every product must be vegan. We love animals and refuse to harm them. We approach Nature with respect, humility and gratitude.

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