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Fleurs d'Orient - ingredients from the heart of the Orient

Every time we reach for Fleurs d’Orient body balm, we experience a moment of true, deep intimacy with our skin.

For many women, Fleurs d’Orient moisturising body balm has become an inseparable part of their daily skincare routine. Its unique formula, beauty and effectiveness make it a product you want to return to every day. If you want to experience true luxury in your daily care, let Fleurs d’Orient body balm guide you into this extraordinary world.

Fleurs d’Orient body balm combines carefully selected ingredients – from youthful saffron extract to nourishing baobab fruit oil and magical essences of lotus flower. It is this composition that makes the skin silky smooth, radiant and firm.

Fleurs d’Orient is not just a body balm – it is a promise of mystery, adventure and luxury. Fall in love with it together with us.


The essence of beauty inspired by the Far East

Jasmin des Indes body balm takes you to a world where the jasmine flower combines tradition and modernity to offer the skin the best that nature can give.


The refined combination of jasmine flower extract and Centella Asiatica provides the skin with deep hydration, firming and regeneration. Jasmine strengthens collagen fibres, giving the skin a velvety smoothness, while Centella Asiatica stimulates cell renewal and protects against free radical damage. Oils such as hemp seed oil and babassu nut oil provide the skin with essential vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, restoring firmness and a healthy glow.


The body balm’s subtle and sensual fragrance – jasmine combined with notes of rose, fruit and woody accords – was composed by French perfumers for Savoné. It is a tribute to beauty and timeless elegance that appeals to any woman who wants to surround herself with luxury in her daily care.


Let Jasmin des Indes be your secret to beautiful, healthy skin and sensuality every day. Trust the experience and passion of the creators who have carefully selected the most precious ingredients for your comfort and satisfaction. Fall in love and feel special every day with Jasmin des Indes body balm.




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