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Gift packaging

SAVONÉ has prepared a unique solution for you! 

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Gorgeous gift packaging

Do you want to please a loved one, but don’t know how to package our product? We will do it for you!


We offer exclusive gift box with a velour finish. SAVONÉ’s experts have designed individual gift packaging for each product, which fits perfectly in shape and colour to your chosen body balm.

Luksusowe opakowania prezentowe
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How can gift packing be ordered?

In the interest of your comfort, we have made the purchasing path as easy as possible. Would you like to purchase a gift box?  Simply click on the “Gift box” option on the sub-page of the specific product. 

Thank to this, we will know which product and which colour of the gift box should be prepare for you. 

The cost of a gift box is PLN 25, which will automatically be added to your bill. 

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You decide where we should deliver your gift

We can send the parcel wherever you wish. If your gift should be sent directly to your loved one, please let us know. 


Just click “deliver to a different address” at the last step of the ordering process and enter the correct address of the recipient or select the InPost Locker  most convenient for them. 


Your postal address will only be indicated on the invoice. We will keep you updated about the progress of your order! 

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Do we attach an invoice to the shipment?

Do you want to surprise your loved one and give them a special gift but are you worried that an invoice will be attached to the shipment? 


No worries! We will only send the invoice to the e-mail address you specify. Thanks to this, your loved one will be able to fully enjoy the gift and you will receive complete documentation of the purchase. 

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