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Shower gels

Indulge yourself in an aromatic bath with Savoné natural shower gels and envelop yourself in a beautifully scented foam.

The plant-based cleansing substances gently but thoroughly cleanse your skin, while the probiotics and nutrients contained leave your skin moisturised without feeling tight.


Natural shower gels

We know that the skin of your body deserves the same attention as the skin of your face. When composing the formulas of our individual shower gels, we chose the most precious and desirable ingredients in the cosmetic world. As a result, our natural bath gels are distinguished both by their unparalleled compositions, but also by the beautiful fragrances created for our special order by French perfumers.


Savoné natural shower gels have been created for discerning women and men. Those who appreciate the nurturing power of luxurious nutrients, beautiful French fragrances, as well as those who pay attention to the environment and look for cosmetics in recyclable packaging.


Thanks to the plant-based cleansing substances, the body skin is gently but thoroughly cleansed. The nutrients and probiotics contained in the shower gels do not dry out the body’s skin and do not cause a feeling of tightness, leaving it gently moisturised. In addition, ingredients such as Centella Asiatica extract, safflower extract and pomegranate seed oil will firm and improve the elasticity of your skin.


Remember that the skin is our body’s first “protective layer” against harmful external factors. It is very important to strengthen the skin’s hydrolipidic mantle. Jasmine flower extract or niacinamide used in our natural shower gels will seal the skin’s hydrolipid barrier, preventing it from drying out and supporting the body’s natural protective barrier.


Your body, whatever the season, needs systematic care. The combination of natural nourishing ingredients together with beautiful French fragrances makes systematic skin care a daily pleasure.


Fragrance preference is a very individual matter. That is why we have created as many as four different fragrance collections, so that everyone has the pleasure of choosing their favourite Savoné bath gel.

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